Keto might not work on women if this goes wrong

13 Sep 2019

Over the past few years, the keto diet has gained widespread popularity with people who want to burn fat fast. But while the very-low-carb, high-fat diet seems to work wonders on men, new studies suggest it may not be such smooth sailing for women.

Why keto works

On a regular diet, carbohydrates are your body’s main source of energy. By cutting them out, the keto diet forces your body to burn stored fats instead. During that process, called ketosis, your liver turns fatty acids into ketones and starts using them as fuel. It’s like everything you’ve always wanted!

But here’s the problem: it may not work for women

Yes, really. And here’s why..

Your body may be in survival mode

From unpredictable hours and fast-paced projects at work to running errands, working out and navigating your family life, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Let’s face it, it’s a jungle out there. And want it or not, that also means stress. Stress that only increases when you add the keto diet into the equation.

The thing is, your body is used to a high-carb diet. As carbs are its primary fuel, it basically survives off them. So when you take them away, it goes into a bit of a shock. The sheer stress of it causes your stress hormone levels, particularly those of cortisol, to rise even further, which pushes your body into survival mode and seriously upsets your hormonal balance. As a result, you’re way more vulnerable to weight gain regardless of how hard you try to stick to your diet and shed pounds.

And while that can also happen to men, women’s hormonal balance is much more complex and sensitive to hormonal changes, which is why they’re also more likely to struggle with a keto plateau.

But there’s more.

You may be battling with oestrogen – and don’t even know it

Our environment is overburdened with oestrogen-like substances that disrupt our hormonal balance, and, more often than not, so are we. As women generally have higher levels of oestrogen as it is, they are usually much more affected by any changes that entails – especially when it comes to weight loss. But how exactly is that connected to keto, you might ask?

As a diet rich in fats, keto additionally boosts the production of oestrogen. As a result, it lowers your thyroid hormone levels, and hence, slows down your metabolism and calorie burning. Once that happens, gradual weight gain is only a matter of time.

So no wonder your keto progress has hit a plateau!

But luckily, you can fight it!

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