About Sensilab

About Sensilab

Offering a full range of health, weight management and sports nutrition solutions. Developed and produced in the EU.

At Sensilab we believe that achieving a higher quality of life means going back to nature. Our food supplements and other health solutions provide the highest quality scientifically validated natural substances that nurture your body and spirit, and help prevent diseases and health issues.

However, we also understand that food supplements on their own are not enough for total healthy lifestyle transformation. Every person is unique and requires specific total solutions. Therefore, Sensilab isn't just about products, but rather complete support to help you reach a long, active, happy and healthy life.

Thinking Health with you since 1933.

Product Quality

Our products are produced under strict GMP and HACCP standards, just like medicine.

We offer you full product range. Our products represent nature at its best - for immunity, beauty, wellbeing, sport etc.

Our products and services are developed in-house, in collaboration with 40 scientists and produced in 2 production facilities.

Our expertise and experience have a rich background. We are here for you since 1933.


The Sensilab story begins before World War II, when our first R&D center and production facility was established in Lodz, Poland. More than 70 years later that facility was acquired by the fathers of Sensilab, Marko Dolžan, Bojan Šukovt and Branko Belčič, just after leaving one of the largest Slovene pharmaceutical companies, Lek.

Our three founders first established the company in Slovenia, also establishing a local production facility, and then moving forward to acquire the Polish factory, which was then called Polfa Lodz.

Today, the Sensilab Group is directly present in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Poland, and our products are also sold in United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Russia, Israel, Serbia, Ukraine and other markets.

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Sensilab Ltd (UK) 50A, Icentre,, Howard Way,
Newport Pagnell Milton Keynes MK16 9PY

Email: info@sensilab.uk

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